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From Hobby to Legacy: The Inspirational Journey of Syroya's Bakery

Syroya Eugene, a former clinical lab scientist and a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a solid scientific foundation, established Syroya’s Bakery. Unexpectedly, baking did not begin as a planned career path; instead, it flourished as a passion for the preparation of delectable delights for her close acquaintances. Syroya’s fascination with the craft of baking was initially sparked by the palatable sweet potato tarts, airy biscuits, and opulent yellow cakes adorned with chocolate frosting that comprised the culinary legacy of her maternal grandmother.

Prior to ten years ago, Syroya developed an interest in baking as a pastime. Nonetheless, what began as a straightforward pastime transformed into something considerably more spectacular. The inception of the notion to establish an individual bakery commenced in 2015, and by 2017, Syroya’s Bakery commenced operations. In November 2022, our bakery achieved a momentous milestone in our trajectory by becoming the inaugural minority-owned bakery in North Providence. This accomplishment was filled with pride.

We have been committed to quality, creativity, and the happiness of our customers throughout our journey from a simple pastime to a profitable company. Syroya’s Bakery extends an invitation to you to enjoy the tempting flavors and sincere workmanship that characterize our brand, whether you are looking for the ideal addition to your morning coffee or you are yearning for a slice of pleasure. We invite you to join us in enjoying the pleasure of baking; give us a call right now to satiate your demands for sweetened foods.

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